Tokaj and its surrounding -
on 2 days

Tokaj region is the most popular wine region of Hungary. The town itself got its name from the region. At the crossing of the rivers Tisza ang Bodrog, it became very quickly a flourishing place for cultivating grape and for commercializing wine. The sentence of the great French king Louis XIV is still today to be found on the bottles: "King of Wines, Wine of Kings". Tokaj has kept its middle age aspect, which we can experience through a nice walk, where we can see how the barrel is prepared, and we surely won't miss to taste some good tokaji in the 600 year old Rákóczi cellar.

Sárospatak is another nice town of the region, known from the middle age castle where the plans of a revolution against the Habsbourgs were prepared by the Rákóczi in the early 1700, aftrer the liberation of Hungary from the Turcs. It is in this town that princess Elisabeth of roses was born in the XIIIth century, whose father King Anrew II issued the Golden Bull, giving right the nobility of Hungary to return against him, if his decision was against their interest - a kind of Magna Carta. In the middle ages, Sárospatak was known from its Univerity, where important wise men taught, like Comenius. After a good walk and visit, it is relaxing to spend some time in the thermal bath of Sárospatak, and afterwards to make wine degustation and have a good dinner in the middle age cellar dating from 1684.

Tolcsva, Boldogkőváralja, Vizsoly are three places to visit in the countryside of North East: in Tolcsva there is a magnificent church of the XVth century and a very rich wine museum, in Boldogkőváralja we can climb to a castle from where there is a wonderful view on the forest of the Zemplén region, and in Vizsoly village is to be found the first translated and printed Bible in Hungarian, dating from 1590, in a small protestant church. The translation lasted one and a half year and the bible itself contains 2500 pages.
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