Gyr, Pannonhalma -
Benedictain convent, Tata

Gyr is a town in the west part of the country, which was among the firsts to be liberated from the Turkish occupation, thus had 100 years of advance on the eastern towns in terms of development. Trade and manufacturing was developing fast, making from Gyr for the middle of XVIIIth century a magnificent baroque town. Today, the baroque center is a pedestrian area, where on foot we surely won't miss the beautiful facades, statues, columns. The Basilica of Gyr contains a reliquary in the shape of our second great king Ladislas in gold, made in the XVth century at his sanctification, and the sarcophagus of a bishop martyrised when he defended women from Russian soldiers in 1945 . And a marble board remains us at the night Napolon spent here after the Battle of Raab in 1809.

Pannonhalma is a benedictain monastry, founded in 996, on the top of a hill. During the visit, we can witness how the monks lived, the church where they prayed and pray today, the library they read at, dating from the XIXth century.

Tata is a place worth stopping at when driving back from Gyr and Pannonhalma, or Sporon. There are ruins of a medieval castle of the XVth century on border of a small lake, where you can rent a private motor-boat to drive around. There is a very tasty restaurant on the lake of Tata, ideal for ending the day with a perfect dinner with view on the castle.
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