Festival BUSÓJÁRÁS -
march in masks to expel winter

This tradition is our carnival of Rio, dating from the XVIth century. It has been classified as intellectual heritage by UNESCO at the siege of Sept 2009.

The origin of the tradition goes back when some sokac ethnics arrived from the east to live in Hungary after the Turkish occupation, when there was a big necessity to invite settlers. They brought with them their tradition to chase winter with masks and very loud sounds. But according to the legend, the sokac, living in the swamps near Mohács under the Turkish occupation, one night came out of the swampy area in masks and making enormous noise, expelling Turks from their town.

This traditional march is organized at the end of carnival period, on the Sunday preceding Shrove Tuesday, but there is a whole several-days-lasting program from Thursday to Tuesday. In 2010 Busójárás is due to end of February.

On demand, we can visit a manufacture of masks of Busó.
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