Veszprém and Herend

Veszprém is situated in the western part of Hungary on the north of Balaton lake. The city is also called the town of the queen, since it was the favourite place of Gizella, the first queen, wife of Saint Sephan (Szent István) in year 1000. She was the master constructor of the cathedral and of the palace. Today, after the tragedy of Turkish occupation, a wonderfully reconstructed baroque and copf style Veszprém is welcoming the visitors, with a Bishop's palace, many churches, many houses, and the first royal couple facing the visitor at the former city walls.

Herend has become synonym of porcelain of Hugnary. It is the largest china manufacture in Europe, every peace of china is still handmade. Close to 2000 people are working to give some beautiful porcelain to our table or our cupboard. By visiting the Porcelaneum, you can get an idea how the porcelain is prepared, formed, put to oven, painted, before it gets to the shops. There are more thousands of patterns for Herend goods.
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