Szeged and Opusztaszer

Opusztaszer is a village in the East of Hungary, having as treasury a huge picture painted on a length of 120m and a height of 15m, exposed in a circular room with sound and light: representing the coming of the Magyars in the Carpathian Basin. The picture was painted for the millennium feast (1000 years anniversary of the conquest) of 1896. In the park surrounding the gallery are many other monuments in that subject.

Szeged is city in the south east of Hungary, which was already a center of education in the middle ages, and is still today city of university. After the ottoman conquest as all the towns in Hungary, Szeged was reconstructed in baroque style, and has today a huge pedestrian area with magnificent buildings: the town hall, the house of exhibitions..., a cathedral, fountains and statues, and let's not forget of the walk to take at the border of river Tisza, where it is compulsory to have a fish soup of Szeged (Szegedi Halászlé).
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