Lake Balaton

The Balaton Lake is the widest lake of Europe in the west of Hungary. Its creation goes back to when this place of the continent was still covered by the Sea, and when thousands of BC the Sea drew back, the Pannonia Lake stayed at a place. It is a favourite summer holiday destination in Hungary. The Church and the monastery on Tihany Peninsula date back to the 11th century. In 1051, the king constructed a monastery on the top of the hill, his grave is to be found inside. Later on, it was turned into a castle to defend the surrounding against Turks; finally in 1700 a beautiful baroque church was constructed to the place of the former castle.

Tihany was also marked in the XXth century, it was here que the last king and emperor Charles VI and his wife Zita were waiting to be exiled by the troupes of the Entente.

The other beauty to see on the border of the Lake Balaton is Balatonfüred, which was a place of famous bathing culture, thanks to its natural source of water. Today it houses the cardiac hospital. The whole place has kept its atmosphere of the XIXs, with walking road along the lake, nice houses.

Whole day visit (8h)
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