Sightseeing on 2 wheels

In Hungary, there are wonderful places, worth visiting the eyes up, with the possibility to stop at the monuments or at a sights which has caught us. The sightseeing bus will not do it for you. The private guide by private car can do it some times, but not all the time. But by bike, every moment is possible to live.

Budapest: There is a quite extended bike road, especially concentrating to the most popular places to visit. Depending on the amount of monuments you would like to visit during your stay, the capital can be done in one or two days on 2 wheels.

The Danube Bend: The river Danube sources in the Black Forest in Germany and throws in the Black Sea in Romania, passing through many countries. In the heart of Hungary, this river flowing from West to East takes a bend, and turns North to South. This wonderful place can be the target of a one-day cycling tour, departure of the capital, going fisrt to Szentendre, then through Visegrád, reaching Esztergom. At each place a sight seeing program is included. We come back to the capital by train (1h 20min).
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