Hungary is a Central European country, having as neighbours Austria, Slovakia, Ukrain, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia. Its territory is of 93.000km2, the county has 10,5 millions inhabitants. The capital is Budapest with around 1,7 millions of inhabitants. Official language is Hungarian, the money is the Hungarian Forint (even if it is part of the European Union). The language doesn't belong to any big family of languages, do not be astonished not to understand a word. Hungarian is a Finno-Ugrian language, dating originally of the time around BC 2000, when they lived together with the ancestors of the Finns. But while the people migrated to arrive at the end of the 9th century to the Carpathian Basin, the lived together with many tribes and nations, which the assimilated a bit the language and mixed it tho their.

The first inhabitants of the country were the Celtic people, then the Romans Empire extended its borders to the Danube and gave to this territory the name of Province of Pannonia. Then Central Europe was battle area for barbaric tribes, until the Hungarians arrived here in 896. During the centuries, the inhabitants knew a lot of joy and lot of pain: Mongol invasion in the 13th century, richness and power during the 15th century during the renaissance time, in the 16th and 17th century 150 years of Turkish occupation, 18th and 19th century the ruling of the Habsbourgs. During the 20th century, Hungary lost 2 WW, it lost 2/3 of its territory, knew 40 years of communism. The proclamation of the Democratic Republic was in 1989, the entrance to the EU in 2004.

Hungary is rich in history and in monuments, we also call it the country of water and of music.The famous composers Ferenc Liszt and Béla Bartok were Hungarians, and in the 19th century a new style of construction was born: the Art Nouveau (secession).Our villages remain authentic, and our cuisine is worth eating out every day in a typical restaurant. And let's not forget to mention the excellent Hungarian wines ! 11 monuments and sites are part of World Heritage by UNESCO (since 1987).

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