Hungary as you dream about it

Tourism beyond borders becomes more and more attractive for all of us, and we visit more and more countries. For a couple of years, tourism increases in Hungary. Besides the far-away destinations and the exotic countries, Central Europe as well becomes an important target. And the attention given to those countries is well founded. Hungary is the 10-12th most visited country on a world plan, receiving 20% of the tourists interested in European countries.

Pannonvoyage is a agency created by a tour-guide, who graduated at the College for Foreign Trade in Englsih and French section, did afterwards the necessary Tourisme School and took the Professionnal Exam for organizing tours and trips. The small structure of the agency allows a great flexibility and competitive prices.

"I decided to become a private tourguide with a Trade School diploma and Tourisme School diploma, to be able to give you all the passion I have towards my country. Knowing personally very well the services I propose to you, I have been working on the field for more than 15 years. I can assure you, that you or your clients will spend a special time in Hungary with excellent hotels, restaurants, programs adapted to your needs. If you happen to be numerous and need more guides, we are 3 tourguides to welcome you, all lover of our culinary and cultural specialities, of our historical past and very festive traditions.

Please consult the programs I offer, which I can combine at your best depending on your wish and on the length of your journey. Hotel accommodation is never included in the program and in the price.

Hoping to hear soon from you,

Best regards,

Aniko Dalos
Director of Pannonvoyage"
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