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Pannonvoyage - Dalos Aniko

Company: Pannonvoyage Kft.

Postal Address: Mátyás Király u. 28., H-2083 Solymár, Hungary


Mobile phone: (00-36) 309-825-994

Fax: (00-36)-26-361-567


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Budapest the wonderful
By bike visit of towns
City of music
City of baths
Boat trip on the Danube
Gödöllő royal residence
Danube bend and Pilis mounts traditional villages
Eger and Hollókő
Kecskemét and Puszta
Lake Balaton
Traditionnal weintage
Szeged and Ópusztaszer
Veszprém and Herend
Festival of kolbász
Festival Anna Bál
Festival Busójárás
Győr and Pannonhalma
Tokaj and its surrounding
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